If you have been to a trade show or two, you know a useful banner sign when you see one. The same can be said for a bad one. When you own a successful business, it is important to own a sign that is aesthetically pleasing and will drive more consumers toward your company. At Eco GM, we are proud to offer custom banner signs that will adequately represent your company. Our large format printing services are the best in Miami.


A Sign Is More Than Just A Sign

When you really think about it, a banner is an investment towards a promotion to support the service or product you offer. It is designed to either promote or provide information all about your business. At Eco GM our team of graphic designers will team up with to create a unique sign that is sure to meet your promotional goals. In order to get started, let us take a step back and review some tips that are sure to get your banner the attention you are striving for.


Let’s Begin With Bad Banner Signs

It is relatively easy to create a sign that is either atrocious or does not do your company justice. This is sure to be something to avoid.  There is an abundance of designs out in the world that are very ineffective. They fail to meet the attention of anyone who crosses its path. It can be a car, bike, or a pedestrian walking. These signs are usually cluttered and forcing too much onto its available canvas. If you have too much information, such as text, colors, pictures, or logos, your sign or banner can get confusing and make people not want to waste their time. Even choosing the wrong size of the sign can be a big no. You need to ensure you choose a size that is perfect for the message you are trying to convey.


Some Quick Tips

  • Make sure that your signs can withstand normal weather conditions
  • There should be either white or plainly colored space that includes no text or graphics; this ensures ease of readability and conveying your message to the reader
  • Choose the size of your signs wisely, considering how far away readers will be and the areas they will be viewed from
  • Less is more when it comes to sharing your message, too many words are difficult to read from a distance and add unnecessary clutter
  • When choosing the font style, thoughtfully choose lettering styles that are easy to read when viewed from afar
  • If using more than one font, choose styles that complement one another and limit each sign to two fonts; this will help your message to be more easily read
  • Only use capital letters when necessary; using all caps will make your text more challenging to read
  • If you have a specific phrase or keywords to highlight, do so with bold font or  black lettering
  • Group information logically, strategically separating your design layout and blank spaces
  • Sometimes, a text is not necessary to relay the message of your sign. An eye-catching, self-explanatory graphic is simple, yet effective


Trust Our Large Format Printing Services

When it comes to banner signs and displays that are effective, we offer the best services. At Eco GM, our graphic design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call us today for more information in Miami. You can trust our large format printing services.

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