Are you about to participate in a tradeshow? If so, it is essential to ensure that your company is successful in drawing in business and getting your company name engraved on an individual’s mind. Here at ECO GM in Miami, we have the perfect way to make sure that is precisely what happens. We offer the best quality trade show banners that will represent your business in a way that you can be proud of. That paired with our wonderful tradeshow booth design, is the perfect way to attract consumers to take advantage of all you have to offer.


Why Large Format for Trade Show Banners?

Banners are excellent advertising and marketing tools for use at trade shows and events that will increase awareness of your business and brand. When you make those banners large sized, it only makes that opportunity for success greater. Remember, bigger is always better. When you consider the fact that many trade shows are held in very large spaces, such as convention centers, and contain many vendors vying for a customer’s time, it makes sense to hang a large banner that will draw people’s attention to your booth.  It is very useful to have a customized banner with your company name, phone number, email address, and website that is easily readable from a distance.


When planning the creation of your banner, you should keep your company image in mind. We’re not talking about the authentic logo, we actually mean image. What does it represent? What vibe does it give off? How do you want your customers to benefit from using your product or service?


The banner should be high quality, which will give a lasting impression that your company is of high quality as well.  Be sure the colors, images, and fonts you use on your banner are consistent with those of your other advertising materials and with your trade show booth itself.  Also, check with the printer to verify the fonts you are using for the banner will be easy to read in a large format. Remember that the background colors you choose will convey a message in themselves; green and blue can be calming, while orange, yellow, and red show high energy, and silver, grey, white, and black give a modern and contemporary feel.


Our Tradeshow Booth Design Are The Best

At Eco GM, we offer a range of products that we can print using large format digital printing. A quality large format printing company should provide a variety of services and products to promote your brands in the most prominent way. At Eco GM, we offer an extensive range of large format print products such as roll up banner stands, PVC vinyl banners, and posters for both indoors and outdoors. Our banner stands are extremely popular promotional tools which are highly portable and can be utilized everywhere from retail to business premises and exhibitions and event venues.


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When it comes to large print trade show banners, we offer the best services. At Eco GM, our tradeshow booth design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call us today for more information in Miami.  

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