Bored with how your car looks? Are you in the search for something new? Do not think you need to look for a brand new vehicle because we have the perfect solution. Car wraps! Don’t know what a car wrap is? That is okay! Us at Eco GM are here to help! We are a Miami based company who specializes in large format printing services. Contact us today!


What’s The Big Idea

The more you drive around town, the more you notice the increasing amount of vehicles that are vinyl wrapped. Some are very easy to spot because they are displaying local ads for business. Others are subtle to the point they only change the color or appearance of the car for personal taste. When using a vinyl-wrap user to need to be sure they use it appropriately. If they fail to do so, it can make a vehicle look worse or can cause lasting damage if it is used to conceal a problem.


The Benefits of Car Wraps

The best part about having a vinyl wrap is how it protects the paint. Wherever the wrap is applied to a car’s surface, the paint underneath will always be protected and safely covered. The is very important to those who have a metallic paint job on their vehicles. Metallic paint can get very costly. This is also helpful to those who own classic cars and want to enhance the appearance and value. Another benefit to wraps is how easy it is to clean. A simple hand wash is best for these wraps.


Let us not forget how much cheaper it is then having to completely repaint your car. The cost of a wrap is relatively less expensive than the cost of a fresh paint job. You can leave in on for as long as you want and once who get bored or simply change your mind, you can return to the previous color by removing it. Peel that sucker off! How convenient is that? Our large format printing services are here to help.


Be Aware of all Aspects

When applying a wrap to your vehicle, you must have a solid surface to adhere to. If you fail to do so, it will not stick. If your car paint job has even a small chip, the wrap will not work. It is best to have the car professionally painted before proceeding. Any scratches or chips will only be magnified once the wrap is in place. If you are using the wrap to camouflage these defects, it is not a good idea. This is because once you remove the vinyl, the paint that surrounds the area will flake off cause a more significant problem. It is safe to have the flaws fixed before moving forward. We don’t want your new wrap for your car to cause a lasting problem.


Contact Us Today

Your vehicle needs a makeover, and we will beautify it with our car wraps. At Eco GM we are here to make sure that your car takes advantage of our large format printing services. Be sure to call us today for more information. We are the best in Miami.

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