Vinyl banners are a create a unique opportunity for you to promote your brand awareness. They are simple forms of advertising that leave room for a lot of creativity to showcase any sales or services your business has to offer. However, before you hang your banner over your storefront, make sure you know your city ordinances. All cities within the U.S. will require you to follow their sign standards. Failure to comply with their city standards could result in a fine. Some cities even have certain design stipulations when it comes to showcasing your banner at your storefront. At Eco GM, we offer custom banner printing in Miami, Florida. So, let’s use Miami’s city ordinances as an example for what you need to know before hanging up your business banner.

Permits for Signs

As specified in Section 10.1.3, all Signs shall require permits. Applications for such permits shall be made separately or in combination with applications for other permits as appropriate to the circumstances of the case and shall provide at a minimum the information

The below signs are exempt from needing a permit because they convey messages to protect lives, give direction, identify public access ways, and protect civil rights.

  1.     Address, Notice, Directional or Warning Signs.
  2.     Cornerstones, memorials, or tablets.
  3.     U. S. Mail delivery receptacles.
  4.     Flags (limited to one per property).
  5.     Celebratory Flags and Banners.
  6.     Vehicle Signs (see our custom car wraps!)
  7.     Changeable Copy Sign.

General Requirements for Vinyl Banners

According to the city of Miami’s government website, the following are general requirements that your custom banner must adhere to:

  1.     All Signs shall be properly maintained in a safe and legible condition at all times.
  2.     False and misleading Signs shall be unlawful to post.
  3.     Devices used to attract attention such as blinking or flashing lights, streamer lights, pennants, banners, balloons, streamers, and all fluttering and spinning devices shall be prohibited.
  4.     Structural members of all Signs, including supports, electrical conduit and receptacle boxes, or any other operational devices shall be covered, painted, or designed in such a manner as to be visually unnoticeable.
  5.     Portable Signs shall be prohibited, including those that are tied down with metal straps, chaining, or otherwise temporarily anchored to an existing Structure or other similar method of anchoring.

Custom Banner Design Standards

There are a few rules about the overall design of your banner that you will need to adhere to before you purchase your custom banner printing. These correlate directly with your building’s regulations as set by the Florida Building Code. The following are staple factors that must be checked in order to ensure you are compliant with city regulations. They determine the overall maximum and minimum banner height requirements, the banner’s ratio to sidewalks, rules on roof banners and more.

  1. Size and area
  2. Location standards
  3. Sign placement
  4. Illumination Sign regulations.

You can see Miami’s complete rule guide here.

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Please be advised that each city offers different ordinances when it comes to vinyl banners. If you are ready to create your own, contact Eco GM in Miami, Florida for our custom banner printing services.

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