The value of a car wrap has been studied as a marketing technique from many prestigious companies. For example, 3M measured the effectiveness of vehicle wrap by using the fleet graphic strategy graphics for Cadbury-Schweppes Company. They used a GPS units to track 10 Snapple trucks through two major metropolitan areas. This three-month study correlated between different truck routes and zip codes in order to obtain to most accurate and diverse demographic data as possible. And the results showed that an average cost of $.48 per one thousand impressions for these graphics. That saves you a ton of cash on television marketing which generally runs around twenty plus U.S. dollars per impression.


At Eco GM in Miami, Florida we offer large format printing services such as vehicle wraps for brand advertising. Here are just a few other key points that indicate the marketing value of these services.


Vehicle Wraps Promote Brand Awareness


Marketing strategies differ from person to person and niche to niche. However, brand awareness and consistency in your promotions has always been invaluable in transforming leads into new customers. While networking through trade shows or even through social media can be promising, vehicle wraps are a easy and passive way to promote brand awareness. They work for you all day long, 365 days a year. It helps to generate local targeting by just driving around your city streets and parking your wrapped vehicle typically entices walking passerby’s. It helps to keep your brand looking consistent and acts as a large marketing space with room to advertise not only your company brand and logo, but services or products you offer, as well as contact information.


Save on Advertising Costs with a Car Wrap


The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (otherwise known as OAAA) has statistics showing that vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression than any form of advertising. Cost per impression for television rounds up to $24, magazine advertising at $21, newspapers at $20, prime time TV at $18, radio at $$8, and outdoor advertising cost per impression runs at about $4.


Meanwhile, vehicle wraps cost about $.046 per impression. This will vary depending on city and variation size, but the OAAA says that a single wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. These printing services are a creative way to endorse your company and generate new clients in a local devour.


Who Can Use a Vehicle Wrap?


To be honest, any business can use a car wrap. Even if your services or products are more exclusively available online, using a wrap will help you gain local traction. It’s a strategic form of advertisement that have creative versatility so that you are free to design your wrap in whichever way you choose. Here are some examples of businesses who might benefit from this form of marketing:

-Retail shops: florists, retail, pet groomers

-Professional Service Providers: law firms, real estate agents, dentists

– Healthcare: clinics, private practices, and even hospitals

-Hospitality businesses: bars, restaurants, and beauty care services

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Eco GM in Miami offers large format printing services. Invest in your own vehicle wrap and see for yourself how this marketing tactic can become a kickstarter for your business.

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