If you are in need of retractable banners for your next convention booth set up, ECO GM in Miami, Florida has the perfect suggestion for you. We offer custom banner printing services and pretty valuable advice when it comes to picking out the right banner! For instance, a lightweight banner is a valuable choice in that it helps provide low shipping costs. This is beneficial for one-time uses and especially for those who travel to many conventions for a living. Having a lightweight banner is the best way to save you money and time when it comes to advertising your business.

Here are a few more advantages of lightweight banners:

They’re easy to set up.

Because of their lightweight nature, retractable banners are super easy to set up. The stand itself can be foldable, making transitioning your equipment from trade show to trade show both cheaper and easier than heavy duty display banners. Having a lightweight banner for easy setup will save you on the tons of stress that comes with setting up monumental banners that involve complicated hardware and equipment. Retractable and lightweight banners is a small, simple step process!

Retractable banners won’t ruin your image.

Our custom banner printing services is a delicate process. We want your display to be prominent and unphased throughout the duration of your career so that you do not have to keep replacing the same banner. One way to make sure your banner is secure at all times is to pick the option to have a retractable banner. These banners remain tight and secure, keeping them away from potential debris and other damages. This process also ensures that your image with remain smooth and looking brand-new without any creases, lines, scratches, or fading.

Stands and banner come in various options.

The type of stand and banner you choose will also play a role in determining how low your shipping cost will be. Heavier and more concrete stands will cost more to ship, though they do provide additional support for you banner. However, if you choose to go with a banner made with lightweight material, it would not be necessary to secure this type of banner to a heavy weighted stand. Pairing a lightweight stand with a lightweight banner will also ensure that your shipping costs are at an all-time low!

They have low shipping costs!

Lightweight banners are the way to go, not only for easy setup and accessibility, but ultimately for their shipping costs. Even combined with stands, your shipping rate is going to save you on overall business costs. Especially if you are one who goes to conventions throughout the nation for most of the year. Investing in a lightweight, retractable banner is also going to save you money shipping from location to location. With the right options, it will ultimately save you on having the replace your banner due to damages, since these types are less prone to sustaining damages.

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